What Once WasPatrick Zelinski and Karl Edh
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Apparitions Patrick Zelinski
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Alone in The Crowd Patrick Zelinski
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StereopticonPatrick Zelinski and Karl Edh
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Without EndPatrick Zelinski
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A Warm Place - Nine Inch Nails Arrangement

What Once Was - With Karl Edh

A Man And The Elk Dog





Patrick Zelinski, collaborates with filmmakers and artists with writing and recording a customized soundtrack for their film or media. His film compositions have received him best score nominations at both the Stinger and Rosie Film awards in Alberta.  His broad musical scope and obsession with sound has helped him with being heard on many albums and films across Canada. Patrick specializes in collaborating with filmmakers and artists with writing and recording a customized soundtrack that suits the director's vision. He believes that hiring a composer to write music that flows in time with the mood and emotion portrayed on the screen gives the film it’s own sense of humanity. Patrick offers a variety of services including composing, producing, orchestrating, sound designing, mastering, mixing and editing.gHe doesn't conform to traditional styles and is always creating new sounds and sonics in his pursuit of creating music without boundaries.



Pat is a captivating composer with an original, unique and creative voice of his own. He is a serious artist who cares deeply about his craft and brings an exceptional work ethic and communication to the projects he composes and collaborates on.


Working with Patrick felt very open and collaborative. I had such a specific style of music and tone I was going for. He did what any great collaborator does: takes the initial direction and brings his own ideas to it, to create something valuable. I particularly enjoyed how his knowledge and use of traditional instruments, and methods of creating unique sounds worked together to get the score to it’s most compelling place. His work on my film, left the audience with the emotion of its sound resonating in their minds long after the film ended.